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John Baliman Bali Tour | Bali is just one of the many islands of Indonesia, but without a doubt it is one of the most famous islands of the world. Bali is frequently referred to as “the Paradise Island” because of its reputation as a tropical paradise filled with untold beautiful nature, idyllic mood, and never ending fascination. Bali is also known as the” Island of the Gods” because worship activities color every facet of life among the Hindu Balinese in their daily activities. More…

John Baliman Bali Tour and Team have handling thousand client from China, India, europe and Australia whose holidays in Bali Island with the professional team to handle the private tours, Family Gathering, group event, wedding event, company event, etc.

John Baliman Bali Tour offer the best available rates for Bali Hotels, Bali Villas, long term residences, and Bali Tours, trekking, Adventure & Activities with the very best holiday accommodations on our beautiful island and savings for your pocket. Want to experiences water sports, hiking, biking, rafting, sightseeing, dining shopping or relaxing, John Baliman is the right choice for you. Take your moments in Bali with professional service, hospitality of our private car and driver.

Airport and Hotel Transfer (One Way / No Join)

Bali Airport Transfer at John Baliman Bali Tour

John Baliman Private Car Charter & Driver

CAR TYPE HALF DAY (5 hrs) FULL DAY (10 hrs)
MVP Car – Details More IDR 325,000/car
or USD 25/car
IDR 425,000/car
or USD 34/car
ELF Short – Details More IDR 550,000/car
or USD 42/car
IDR 850,000/car
or USD 67/car
ELF Long – Details More IDR 650,000/car
or USD 50/car
IDR 950,000/car
or USD 73/car
  • Including : English speaking driver, Gasoline, Air-Conditioning CAR.

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